Introducing Bonny Doon


Grab a taste of our newest winery!

After years of secretly sending signals into space from the vineyards of Bonny Doon there has been a response!
Aliens, from the far planet of Brail, have landed on our soil in search of a pink liquid which is craved by their Supreme Being. After months of searching, these intrepid explorers found a source in the New Orleans Metro area in which they could obtain a sample. Once night fell they stealthily made their way into the building, using their technology to bypass and defeat the security system. With two vials in tow, the aliens made their way into an area that contained comfortable seating and, after ensuring that the coast was clear, opened the first vial and poured some of the liquid into drinking vessels. The aliens delighted in the taste so much that they kept on pouring and drinking into the second bottle. After they had finished they unexpectedly fell asleep. The next day as the human workers made their way into the building, they discovered the Aliens asleep with the two empty bottles on the table. As the workers began to laugh quietly, the intergalactic beings awoke with a jolt, frightened and quite nervous. The workers put their hands into the air, palms toward the Aliens, to show they meant no harm. Soon the Aliens began to relax and communicated with the humans through the use of their technology. They explained their mission and how they had arrived on the planet. However, the Aliens had decided that they were in no hurry to leave such a fun place and as long as the pink liquid was in supply, they would love to stay and meet more humans. So come meet and greet the Aliens of Brail before they leave.

Meet the Aliens:


Find one of the Bonny Doon aliens at any of our stores and post a picture on social media. Be sure to use #tastemartins to be entered to win a $10 Martin’s gift card!

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